Pepsi Convinced Me…
Stevia Nutra Could Return You A Quick 341%!
Acting Today Means You Could Watch…

Multi-Billion dollar companies like Pepsi, Coca-Cola & Nestle are scrambling, buying as much sugar substitute, stevia, as they can.

They need more, and Stevia Nutra can give it to them – putting them at the top of a very short list!

Greetings, Fellow Investor…

due to an alarming rise in cases of childhood diabetes and obesity, sugar has come under fire by the health industry and is quickly falling out of favor.

The snack and sugary beverage companies are scrambling, looking for that perfect solution to sugar that’ll save their multi-Billion dollar businesses…

These companies believe they’ve found their solution in stevia.

After I learned that soda king, Pepsi was buying up as much stevia as they could get their hands on, I was convinced this already $10 Billion market was set to explode…

But it was finding out that their multi-Billion dollar competitor Coca-Cola was doing the same that set stevia’s bright future in solid stone!

In fact, Bloomberg seems to agree that stevia is on the move, as they’re predicting stevia to grab up to 25% of the global sugar market…

Now, seeing as sugar generates $10 Billion in America alone, stevia could take $2.5 Billion in just this one market!

But here’s the rub…

Right now, there are very few companies that can deliver stevia in the mass amounts needed to save the soda and snack industries…

But only Stevia Nutra (STNT) is applying modern farming techniques to not only do exactly that, but by doing so, could become one of, if not THE biggest stevia producer in the world!

This is huge.

And if stevia kingpin,GLG Lifetech can return early investors 341% using the “piece-meal” harvesting techniques popular in harvesting stevia today…

STNT should have no problem hitting those same kinds of percentage gains.

In fact, they could easily hit 341% or more in just a few months, expecially if GLG Lifetech, Pepsi, Coca-Cola, Nestle or any of the other snack companies snatch them up!

But there’s a lot more to STNT’s story…

Hi, I’m Shawn Ambrosino, Editor of the M3 Profit Accelerator, and I’ll prove to you why I believe that while this company is trading at just pennies on the dollar now, that may not be the case for long.

Because right now, STNT is taking carefully planned steps to become one of the biggest stevia producers in the world…

Putting us in the perfect position to profit as stevia steals 25% of sugar’s market and STNT grabs a huge chunk of the $50 Billion artificial sweetener market!

It’s not often that the chance at 341% gains are staring at us right in the face…

And you’ll be surprised how STNT is going to do it.

Let me show you…

Stevia: Why Pepsi, Coke & Nestle
Are Making The Switch

There’s a very good reason why stevia is gaining momentum over the past couple of years…

I mean the correlation being made between deadly diseases like diabetes or obesity to the sugar-heavy diets popular in Western society are more than scary – they’re alarming.

So alarming in fact, that over the past fifty to sixty years, scientists have been searching for the answer to this question:

Is there a healthy, yet tasty solution to our sugar problem?

Oh, there have been many who have tried to topple sugar from its throne over the years…

From artificial sweeteners like Sachrin, Nutrasweet and Splenda to natural alternatives like honey or agave nectar have tried – but all have come up short.


Well, whether they were created by nature or formulated in a scientific laboratory, nothing has been able to pack the punch of sugar…

Until now.

Understand, that while stevia has been used as a sweetener since the early 1970’s, it’s only now grabbing headlines for not only being virtually calorie free…

But for also being 300 times sweeter than sugar.

This is big…

And these kinds of headlines are hard to ignore, even if you’re not in the soda or snack industries. But if your income – if your livelihood – depends on sugar…

It’d be impossible for you to ignore the potential this healthy sugar alternative holds. And let me tell you now, stevia is being noticed.

Which is why after learning Pepsi, Coke, Nestle and a host of others were all looking to grab as much stevia as they could get their hands on, I knew the market for this plant would give us a chance to get rich!

I mean think about it…

By giving companies like the ones I’ve mentioned the chance to create a virtually calorie free, sugar free product that tastes exactly like their current formulas – you’re giving them the key to the kingdom!

This one move could immediately place that company at the very top of their industry.

So the race is on!

Except there is one small problem…

There’s Not Enough! Big Demand Equals
Big Bucks In Our Pockets

Now, imagine you’re the CEO of Pepsi or Coca-Cola, and every day you’re getting pressure from all sides. You’re getting pressure from the government to conform to their practices and standards…

Pressure from the medical community and special interests groups to reduce the amount of sugar in your products…

And most importantly, pressure from shareholders to produce bigger dividends and share prices.

Now imagine the answer to all these problems is right in front of you for the taking, except for one fact…

There’s not enough!

Well, that very same scenario is playing out daily for these companies, for one reason and one reason only – they can’t get enough stevia!


For two reasons really…

  1. Stevia is an extremely delicate plant. It needs the right environment, the right soil and a careful hand to help it grow. It’s mostly because of these reasons why stevia has never been massed produced by a single company.

  2. Stevia’s delicate nature restricted it to small farmers turning out small harvests, as the plant was too tempermental to dedicate an entire crop to it.

This is how it’s been for the past 40 years…

Enter Stevia Nutra.

Right now, STNT is strategically planning with important officials in the Cambodian government, binging a modern twist to the antiquated farming methods that have sustained the stevia industry.

By applying modern farming techniques to stevia, STNT can effectively DOUBLE the amount of stevia crops every year!

Yes…I said double the stevia output of a regular farm.

This is a game changer.

Never before has a company attempted to set up a modern and mechanized plantation-style farm strictly devoted to growing and producing stevia…

But that’s exactly what STNT is doing!

And by doubling the average crop output, Stevia Nutra should be able to produce enough of this sugar substitiue for any one (or all) of companies I’ve already mentioned…

STNT is putting themselves on the top of a very short list.

The fact is, by becoming one of the biggest stevia producers in the world, the future of the multi, multi-Billion dollar soda and snack industries could be placed squarely on STNT’s shoulders.

That’s so important, it bears repeating…

By becoming the #1 producer of stevia on the planet, I’m confident that this stock that’s selling for just pennies on the dollar now, could skyrocket

Making us unbelieveably wealthy in the process!

By churning out a quick 341%, STNT could turn every $5,000 invested into $22,050 within the next few months!

And is all begins in a tiny little country in Asia…

STNT’s Secret Cambodian Connection

Veiled in the dark forests of Southeast Asia, Cambodia hides what may be a stevia farmer’s paradise.

The tropical climate, fertile soil and proximity to both the China Sea and the Gulf of Thailand make what may be the most ideal place to grow stevia on the planet!

In this stevia “promised land”, the plants sensitivity is almost a non-factor in this country…

Which is why Stevia Nutria chose Cambodia as ground zero.

Remember, modern farming methods have never been applied to stevia production. So by setting up shop there, STNT is giving themselves (and their shareholders) the best chance to succeed.

By doing so, they’ve put themselves in the rare position of the trailblazer in an industry that, up until now, has been dominated by “mom & pop” farmers.

The best part?

Not many companies say they have the full support of a foreign government…

But the Cambodian officials must realize what a booming stevia industry could mean to their own bottom line.

STNT could be well on their way to getting Cambodia's full support.

When all the ‘i’s are dotted and all the ‘t’s crossed, STNT could be the first (and last) foreign stevia producer the country has ever signed off on!

Do you understand what full government support means for Stevia Nutra and their shareholders?

It means that acquiring more land, hiring more workers and transporting bumper crops becomes a cakewalk!

I mean,what country do you know of that could or would turn away potential Billions in revenue?

Yeah, I couldn’t think of any either…

Which is what makes this connection to Cambodia just one more reason why experts see those potential 341% profits for early shareholders in STNT.

But there’s something bigger on the horizon…

Something that could change the stevia industry forever! And it all begins with one word…

Buyout, Buyout, Buyout!
Pepsi, Coke, GLG Lifetech – Who Wins?

By becoming the top stevia company in the world, STNT would be doing more than making its shareholders wealthy…

They’d also be painting a bright red target on their back as one of the hottest buyout prospects of the year!

We’ve talked extensively about Pepsi, Coca-Cola and Nestle, and I’ve even mentioned two of the biggest names in stevia today – PureCircle and GLG Lifetech – and there is one thing all of these companies have in common…

They all want and need more stevia. Now, one or all could become Stevia Nutra customers, but…

What happens when one of them decides they didn’t want to compete with the others for stevia stores? What if they decided to gobble up STNT and keep all the stevia for themselves?

Think about it, that one move would set that company up as a true kingpin in the industry, and even better…

It would give early shareholders a chance to cash out wealthy. But the fact is this:

None of these companies would let their stevia supply dry up overnight – they’d fight tooth and nail to keep their place at the table!

That means an extremely aggressive and high-priced bidding war could break out over controlling interests in STNT.

This also means that those potential 341% gains that are already locked in our sights could double, triple or even quadruple when all is said and done!

So to answer that question, “who wins in a STNT buyout?” – the answer is easy: shareholders of STNT!

That’s so important I want to say it again, if a buyout happens, the predicted 341% gains could double, triple or even quadruple!

There’s a lot you could do with 1,364% profits…

Maybe you buy yourself that luxury car you’ve always wanted…

Maybe you go on that dream vacation you’ve always wanted to take…

Or maybe you may off the rest of your mortgage and put the rest in the bank for a rainy day?

It’s your money…. do what you want!

And STNT could make that all possible.

So you shouldn’t be asking yourself, “Can I afford to buy STNT?”

You should be asking, “Can I afford NOT to?”

Is “New Sugar” Stevia The Next
Big Commodity Boom?

While some may be calling stevia the “new sugar”, others are calling it “sweet gold” – but by helping to effectively slam the door on diabetes and obesity, I’m calling it something else…

A hot commodity.

Because make no mistake, stevia is a commodity.

Just like gold, silver, oil or lithium, stevia is taking it’s place among the highly lucrative elite of the commodities world.

The best part? Commodities are surging right now, meaning that many of the currencies around the world, including the American dollar are dropping in value.

While this may sound like a bad omen…

For STNT, this means big profits! Why? Think about it…

With inflation rearing its ugly head, the plants that Pepsi or Nestle buys even four to six months from now, will cost them considerably more than it would today. Meaning the price of stevia may only going in one direction…


It’s simple supply and demand…

And as evidenced by Pepsi, Coca-Cola and Nestle scrambling to get as much stevia as they can get their hands on, it’s easy to see why demand for this plant is through the roof!

This supply squeeze means very good things for shareholders in STNT, because by being the top stevia producer in the world, an increase in the price of stevia would mean an increase to the shares of STNT!

But here’s what really has me excited over STNT…

Even if inflation weren’t a factor, STNT can still deliver huge gains as demand for this healthy and tasty alternative to sugar continues to build!

It’s rare to find a stock that can make profits no matter how the markets are performing…

But STNT could be that one stock that does! The proof is in the pudding…

Making STNT my top stevia pick of 2012!

341% Gains, Yours For The Taking!


Nothing weighs more in proving your point than cold hard facts.And the fact is, STNT could not only become the biggest stevia company in the world – but they could become the top performing stock of the year!


Well, by becoming the world’s top producer of stevia, those who act now are already eyeing 341% gains…

But the fact that STNT could be bought out at any moment by Pepsi, Coke, Nestle, GLG Lifetech or any number of companies means we could see those gains double, triple or even quadruple – meaning this one trade could make us wealthy!

Don’t sit on the sidelines and read about STNT in the Wall Street Journal, because by then it’ll be too late.

Do yourself a favor, put this down.NOW!

Secure your chance at 341%, 682%, 1,023% or 1,364% gains today!

Consider calling your broker or logging in to your online trading account and grabbing as many shares of STNT as your comfortably can…

Because stevia is here!

And I’m not the only one who believes so…

Bloomberg Calling Stevia
“The Gold Standard of Sweeteners”
–What This Means For STNT And Its Investors

In the world of investing and finance, there may not be a more trusted name than Bloomberg.

Their reputation as an unbiased news source for all things concerning the market is impeccable, and as such, Bloomberg is a name recognized around the world….

So when they publish an article proclaiming stevia as “The Gold Standard of Sweeteners”, you can do more than just take than take it at face value – you can consider it gospel.

Now, if they were the only financial publisher touting stevia’s profit potential, it would be enough for even the most hardened sceptic to consider jumping into stevia…

But they’re not alone. Listen to what some other powerhouse publishers in the financial world have to say…

Forbes correctly predicts that stevia-based products “will reach $825 Milion by 2014” – of course Forbes has no way of knowing that STNT may blow that estimation away by effectively doubling the crop output.

Even the Wall Street Journal is getting in on the act, as they’re calling stevia the “holy grail” for beverage companies as they to see the potential that this natural substitute for sugar has for transforming the snack and soda industry.

But what amazes me isn’t the fact that these top financial publishers all seem to agree on stevia being a vehicle for our wealthy…

No, what amazes me is the fact that for the most part, Wall Street doesn’t have a clue!

The stevia market has quietly snatched $10 Billion worth of the artificial sweetener industry, and all evidence points towards this as the beginning of a very big trend.

As stevia gains more and more steam, only those in the game now will be able to pull down the really big profits that this industry all but promises us.

And because STNT already has the right pieces in play, it could be only a matter of time till we see their name on the front page of the Wall Street Journal.

If you want to be there to profit, here’s what you need to do next…

Your Next Step To Profit
From The Coming Stevia Boom

How many times can you say you’ve had advanced knowledge of a potential 300% plus winner?

There are people who have been trading stocks for decades that have never been able to get in on the proverbial ground floor of a booming industry, let alone a potential blockbuster…

But right now, you have the chance to do exactly that by grabbing shares of STNT!

Not only are they laying the groundwork to become the #1 stevia producer on the planet…

But by doing so, they’re setting themselves up as one the hottest buyout targets this emerging industry has ever seen!

If you want to cash out a 341% winner, the time is now! Acting today locks in your chance to win big with STNT, as Wall Street has yet to take advantage of stevia.

All I can do is give you the key to unlocking profits, it’s up to you to make the first step…

That’s why I can’t urge you enough, put this down and consider calling your broker or logging in to your online trading account and giving them this ticker symbol: STNT

You’ll be glad you did (and you can thank me later)…

To Your Future Wealth,

Shawn Ambrosino
M3 Profit Accelerator

P.S.With stevia already capturing and incredible $10 Billion of the artifical sweetener market, it’s easy to see how this sugar substitute is well on its way to building fortunes for those who act now! Don’t wait! STNT is already making the moves to become the #1 stevia producer in the world! Be there to profit when they reach that goal! Consider buying STNT today!

P.P.S.With mega-companies like Pepsi, Coca-Cola & Nestle looking for massive amounts of stevia, STNT could very well find themselves in the middle of an aggressive, fast and high-priced bidding war that when all is said and done, could make those potential 341% profits look like peanuts! If you are looking to cash out rich, STNT more than most, is giving you that chance!

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