Dear Fellow Investor:

I have found a 10 cent stock, New America Energy Corp that I firmly believe is the next Lithium Exploration, Inc. $5,000 invested in New America Energy Corp (NECA) could easily become $445,263 or even more.

But there’s a catch-and it’s a big one.


You can’t wait. LITHIUM EXPLORATION, INC. ROSE 8,865% IN JUST 26 TRADING DAYS. This is a key point. A gain of 8,865% means it went from 12 cents a share to $10.68 a share. Why did it go up this fast? Simple…

It was discovered by Wall Street.

None of the important fundamentals of the company changed, investors simply woke up and realized here was an opportunity to make a tremendous amount of money in the booming Lithium industry and everyone wanted in overnight. So the stock took off like a rocket.


In this letter, I am going to tell you all about New America Energy Corp. (NECA) and its extraordinary prospects. But let me give you a quick overview. New America Energy Corp is a shrewdly run Lithium exploration enterprise with a prime 3,000 acre holding that I believe can become a major industry powerhouse.

How can it turn $5,000 into $445,263?Wall Street is on the hunt for stocks PRECISELY like this one. Lithium Exploration, Inc. which went from12 cents a share to $10.68 a share is proof of that. I’m convinced that at 10 cents a share, New America Energy Corp (NECA) is the next one to hand early investors truly astronomical gains. Wall Street can’t get enough. Consider:

Lithium One, Inc. soared 17.4 times in less than 8 months. $5,000 became $87,000
Rodinia Lithium, Inc went up 15 times in under 9 months. $5,000 turned into $75,000
Canada Lithium Corp rose 885% in 8months. $5,000 soared to $44,250
American Lithium, Inc. went up over 864% in around 6 months: $5,000 hit $43,200
Rockwood Holdings increased 696% in under 9 months. $5,000 turned into $34,800
China Bak Battery went up 508% in 8 months. $5,000 became $25,400

Turning $5,000 Into $445,263 Is a Bold Claim, I Know.
But it’s One I Feel Perfectly Comfortable Making for
4 Simple Reasons. New America Energy Can Explode In Price


New America Energy Corp, similar to Lithium Exploration, Inc., is still a virtually unknown stock. This is a key point. Lithium Explorations’ volume was lowest when the stock was under a dollar a share. When the stock was discovered, volume increased UP TO 157 TIMES, at one point trading 23.8 million shares in a single day. The stock soared because it was found by Wall Street. New America Energy Corp (NECA) is in the “hidden” stage and its volume has been as low as 3,300 shares daily. That’s great news for us. The stock is virtually unknown for now.


New America Energy Corp like Lithium Exploration, Inc., has strategically positioned lithium properties. New America Energy Corp’s 3,000-acre property is geographically near the one of the richest and most productive lithium mine in Clayton Valley in Nevada near the world-famous Silver Peak mine. I firmly believe that their property also has the potential of becoming a major producer, throwing off many millions of dollars in cash flow. Few realize it, but Nevada has the world’s second largest deposits of Lithium, so the potential is huge.


New America Energy Corp, just like Lithium Exploration, Inc., is in an industry prized by Wall Street. This could be the most important point of all. Why? If Lithium Exploration, Inc. was a home builders or food distributor,Wall Street would NOT have chased them. Instead they were in the Lithium field. That’s why $5,000 turned into $445,263 in less than a month. Lithium is the future of energy. Investors know that a well-positioned lithium company can make a genuine fortune and they want in at the lowest possible price.


New America Energy Corp, like Lithium Exploration, Inc. stands above its competitors. Being in the right industry at the right time is important, but you still have to know how to efficiently and profitably run a company. The management and advisors of New America Energy Corp (NECA) have an exceptionally talented group running it. I have complete faith in them.

Most Investors Don’t Get Rich Because They Miss the
Big Picture. Making an Enormous Profit Can Be Simple

Buying New America Energy Corp. at 10 cents a share is NOT a difficult investment decision. Let me explain this very important point. Over the years, the investors I know who have made the most money do not make the mistake of over analyzing their investment choices. They get the big picture right and they invest as soon as possible at the lowest price. The rest takes care of itself as soon as others rush in and the stock takes off.

How much more did you have to know about Lithium Exploration, Inc. than A.) It was in a superb industry with a brilliant future. B.)Management was first rate. C.) The stock was jaw-droppingly cheap at 12 cents a share. D.)Wall Street loved the industry.


The folks who made the most money understood this. They started out with modest amounts of money and then went on to lasting prosperity, with some becoming multi-millionaires. The one rule these individuals followed can be summed up as follows:


Finding the Next Big Thing Is Not Hard If You Know
What to Look For - AND I DO

I’ve seen this over and over again. Wall Street has a few time-tested habits and if you know them, you can play their game and almost always you’ll win. Let me give you a few facts I’ve learned over 23 years of investing.

Analysts on Wall Street are paid to find “the next big industry.”And frankly, they’re often remarkably right about what they select. For example, when Apple first came out with the iPod, a surprisingly large number of analysts correctly called the fact that this would be huge. And it was.

Not all analysts, mind you, but the ones with savvy and experience called this opportunity correctly. The idea is to listen to the shrewd few and spot the trend before the masses rush in. THIS IS WHERE I CAN HELP YOU.

Because when everyone wants in - as in the case of Lithium Exploration, Inc., the stock soars like you can’t believe. Can you just imagine a 8,865% gain in under a month? $10,000 becomes $890,526.


What J. Paul Getty Was to Oil - Clive Ashworth Is to Lithium…

Before I go into detail on their specific property and the lithium industry in general, here’s a key fact that makes me more optimistic than ever about New America Energy Corp’s (NECA) prospects.

Top management was shrewd enough to hire one of the smartest mining property advisory firms in America. Run by an industry legend by the name of Clive Ashworth, this is how they acquired their present 3,000 acre property near the Silver Peak mine in the Clayton Valley, the most valuable Lithium mine in America.

Clive brings a shrewd sixth sense for finding enormous winners. His record is nothing short of extraordinary. He was one of the first professionals in America to identify Lithium as the next booming market before anyone else had the slightest hint that this industry was about to take off - and he was 100% right.

Clive Has Staked Out 90% of the
Best Lithium Properties in the Country

His record of success is remarkable. This is worth repeating: he’s staked out 90% of the most valuable Lithium properties in America. I don’t know of anyone else in the industry who can match that record. He began his career in mineral exploration 36 years ago as a geo-technician working in the field throughout North America and he hasn’t stopped since.

From 1980 to the present he has been involved in every major staking and commodity “rush” spanning four continents and almost four decades, and been a provider of mineral exploration services to companies of all size, including New America Energy Corp (NECA).

Let’s Review Their Business Operations. I’ve Analyzed
Them In Detail. You Can’t Miss This 10 Cent Stock. It Could
Be the Single Biggest Gain You Make In Your Life!

New America Energy Corp. owns the mineral rights to a strategically situated, 3,000 acre claim that’s close to the most productive Lithium mine in North America. Also, near their property is all the physical infrastructure they need to get their Lithium out-a major money saver. New America Energy Corp’s 3,000 acres is known as a brine property, precisely what you want to hear as an investor. Let me explain what that means. You’ll instantly see the value I’m referring to.

Broadly speaking, Lithium can be mined two ways. First, is the “hard rock” option which simply means digging dirt and soil up by the ton and extracting it. There are major problems with this process. It’s polluting, costly and an environmental disaster, meaning you’re going to be in court the moment you put a shovel in the ground.

Legal challenges are a time-consuming, money-draining nightmare. The second option is to mine Lithium is by the brine process. It’s a fascinating option that’s inexpensive, relatively quick and environmentally safe. This is how it works.

The Brine Process Makes Getting Lithium Easy.
It’s Their Secret Weapon…

When it comes to mining Lithium by brine, thankfully nature has already done most of the work. You see, Lithium is initially trapped inside hard rocks, often in surrounding mountain ranges.

Over millions of years the Lithium is washed out of the rocks and flows down to huge collecting areas called brine pools which are like an underground salt water lake. These pools catch the Lithium making it a lot easier to get at compared to the hard rock mining process.

Typically, you find brine pools in the vast flat areas that look like a dried up sea. Then it just becomes a matter of drilling a well, like you’re looking for water. When you hit brine, it flows to the surface. The water evaporates and you’re left with Lithium. To get a ton of Lithium from hard rock mining costs $4,200. By the brine process that drops to $1,500. New America Energy Corp (NECA) has a remarkably easy and profitable process and Wall Street loves it.

This Is Why Wall Street Can’t Get Enough Of Lithium:
It’s the Metal Of the Future With Huge Growth Ahead.
It’s Making Headlines for Good Reason…

Most folks know of Lithium’s potential because they’ve heard of Lithium batteries or even use themin their computers and hand-held devices. And that’s a good start. The Lithium battery market is going through the roof because these batteries really last.

Pike Research, a highly respected research firm predicts that the market for Lithium batteries for transportation alone will grow from $875.6 million in 2010 to a staggering $8 billion in 2015. Lithium is making headlines for good reason.

THE NEW YORK TIMES CALLS IT A BOOM - In an article entitled, “The Lithium Chase,” they say, “As awareness spreads that lithium is a key ingredient for hybrid and electric cars, a global hunt is on for new supplies of the metal.”


BLOOMBERG SAYS DEMAND WILL TRIPLE - They report “Lithium demand may triple by in the next decade as consumers buy more portable electronics and battery powered vehicles…”


THE FINANCIAL TIMES PREDICTS EXPLOSIVE GROWTH - This prestigious newspaper reports, “Global demand for the metal is expected to surge once car makers start producing electric vehicles in greater numbers…”


THE BBC CALLS IT THE FUEL OF THE FUTURE - In an article, they state the following. “Lithium carries a great deal of promise. It could help power the fuel efficient electric car or petrol-electric hybrid vehicles of the future.”


COMMODITY MAGAZINE SAYS WARREN BUFFET INVESTED IN LITHIUM - This authoritative source reports, “Warren Buffet is investing in Lithium...” They add, “Buffet invested $230 million for a 10% stake in BYD which makes hybrid cars in China.”


THE WEST PROGRAM CALLS IT VERY VALUABLE - They report the following. “Lithium is now very valuable.” They continue, “A new urgency among companies to assure themselves future supplies of the metal.”


MINERS NEWS CALLS IT THE NEW METAL OF OUR AGE - This industry expert correctly reports, “Lithium is the metal of the new electric age thanks to all its applications. The growing demand for Lithium has spurred exploration in the U.S.”

There’s another hidden benefit to investing in a little-known, high profit potential stock like New America Energy Corp (NECA). You can stop worrying about those market changes that can take your breath away.

The Daily Stock Market Ups and Downs Have Nothing
to Do With Your Ability to Make Money. The Prospects
Of the Company Almost Totally Drive the Stock Price

Most investors I know follow the daily stock market gyrations like they’re the Super Bowl. Strict attention is paid to every move. That’s a big mistake that can cost you’re a great deal of money. The daily market averages are generally nothing more than knee-jerk reactions to both good and bad economic and politic developments. They go away as fast as they come.

The bottom line is simple: they have little or nothing to do with making extremely large amounts of money in special situation stocks such as New America Energy Corp, The fact that Lithium Exploration, Inc.,went up 8,865%-from 12 cents a share to $10.68 in 26 trading days proves my exact point. Take a look at this chart.

There Is No Other Metal On Earth Like Lithium.
That’s Why Wall Street Chases These Stocks. Consider How
Many Ways It’s Used. The List Is Absolutely Endless

There is no other metal in the world like it. Consider how many products now use Lithium and the enormous size of these markets. Lithium is used in Apple’s iPods, iPads, iPhones, iTouches, and in cell phones worldwide, laptops, digital cameras, notebooks, smart phones of all makes including Blackberries and the Google Android, among many others.

It’s just getting started as a power source for the electric cars made by Toyota, Honda, Ford, Nissan, Renault, Hyundai, GM and Chevrolet which are all producing cars that will rely on Lithium as a power source. As I mentioned, Pike Research estimates the size of this market this year to be $875.6 million, growing to $8 billion in 2015. That’s growth! Lithium is even used in a medicine to treat depression! THIS is why Wall Street wants the next low priced Lithium stock. Consider these phenomenal numbers…

Apple alone has sold over 250 MILLION iPods, 50 MILLION iPhones, 15 MILLION iPads. And this growth is just starting.
Over 1.2 billion cell phones were sold in just one year
Recently over 177.6 million laptops were purchased worldwide
In 2010, 346.2 million desktop computers were bought by consumers

Only Lithium can do all this. That’s why it’s the energy of the future. That’s also why it’s making headlines around the world. Many of the smartest companies and investors in the world have quietly been investing in Lithium. This includes, Sony, Google, Apple, George Soros, Hewlett-Packard and Warren Bufftet.

They state, “Simply put, global auto makers and battery makers need a
steady source of Lithium to power the expected electric-car revolution.”

In an article they say, “The world’s appetite for Lithium is growing. Mobile
phones, electric cars and many other devices rely on Lithium batteries and the
battle for Lithium resources will intensify over the next few years.”

You can’t sum it all up better than this. “Lithium is the future.”
They’re right on target!

Business Week reports, The future worldwide market for rechargeable
Lithium batteries is estimated to grow to $4 billion a year.”

They report on the booming car market.
“Powered by Lithium-a big bet on electric cars…”

And they add much more. “Light weight, energy efficiency, and
the ability to quickly charge should drive demand…”

This Could Be Your Chance to Get Back the
Money You’re Down In Other Stocks

Please consider this important side benefit. New America Energy Corp. (NECA) could be your opportunity to repair a “damaged” portfolio. It’s no secret that many investors have had a rough ride in the traditional stocks everyone buys. Many wonder about their ability to retire as a result. You shouldn’t have to worry about your financial future.

At 10 cents a share, this little-known stock could be your chance to make up for lost time. The demand for Lithium is here to stay. It’s a booming market that’s only going to get bigger. This is a huge plus for New America Energy Corp.

I Can’t Say It Enough: You Should Climb Aboard New America
Energy Corp At 10 Cents a Share Immediately.

I’ll say it over and over again because it’s true: the stock is virtually unknown and incredibly cheap at 10 cents a share. One of Wall Street greatest secret is this: buying cheap. A higher priced stock can be a riskier stock. The idea is the get in before the masses get in.

When people blindly buy, that’s the time to sell and take your profit - and I will let you know when I feel the time has come. For now, at 10 cents a share with an able management team, it’s an extremely attractive situation to get into.

Remember, management makes things happen. Stocks don’t just “go up.” Seasoned, shrewd management makes that happen by being in the right industry, running cost-efficient operations and aggressively expanding. That’s a perfect description of the management at New America Energy Corp (NECA). Please remember this fact…

You Could Turn a Small Amount of
Money Into a Huge Return…

You don’t need a lot of money to make a lot of money. Lithium Exploration, Inc. turned $5,000 into $445,263. And I believe New America Energy Corp could do even better turning $10,000 into $890,526. This gives you a chance to make a meaningful amount of money starting with a smaller investment. Plus,many folks feel more comfortable initially putting in smaller amounts and that’s fine..When you consider the potential gain in this stock, it can be a winning move for you and your portfolio.

Please remember, just like Lithium Exploration, Inc. that rose 8,865% in just 27 trading days, New America Energy Corp. could hand you a spectacular gain faster than you imagine. Wall Street recognizes the immense profit potential of Lithium and awards many of these enterprises with higher stock prices very quickly. I’m convinced that this is what they’ll do when they discover New America Energy Corp (NECA). at 10 cents a share. MY ADVICE: DON’T MISS YOUR CHANCE.

The heart of investing is identifying hot spot growth areas and moving in as soon as possible. Lithium is a hot spot. It has everything going for it and smart investors know this means very large amounts of money can be made. When they find a cheap stock, it can soar like crazy.

I Leave You With These Words.
Don’t Miss This Remarkable Opportunity.
I Think That You’ll Bitterly Regret It. There Are
Not Many Opportunities Like This One

Timing is key. I said that earlier because it’s so important. Remember, as you read this, Wall Street’s spotlight is searching for an opportunity like New America Energy Corp (NECA). There are NOT many of them so when they find one, they all rush in at the same time. Remember, proof of this is Lithium Exploration, Inc. that went up 8,865% in 27 trading days, turning $5,000 into $445,263.

I’m convinced that New America Energy Corp (NECA) could do even better. Where do you find stocks like this one? In Untapped Wealth, my publication. It’s $99 a year and $149 for two years. You can subscribe by calling 1-800-479-5084. I’ve already given you my best recommendation, New America Energy Corp. (NECA).

This Should Be Your Next Step If You Want to
Ride New America Energy Corp at 10 Cents a Share. Buy
Some Through Your Discount Broker Immediately

Consider one fact. A question I asked you in the beginning of this letter. How would your portfolio do with a $445,263 shot in the arm? All imagine if all it took to get that was a $5,000 investment. That’s what I believe can happen with New America Energy Corp. (NECA) at 10 cents a share.

Remember the computer modeling screen Wall Street analysts are running right now. You want to get in before they do. AND THIS IS YOUR OPPORTUNITY TO DO JUST THAT. Please don’t let it slip away. You’ll never forgive yourself!

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Sincerely Yours,
Tim Fields, Editor,
Untapped Wealth

P.S. I’ll tell you when to get in and when to get out. But you have to get in first! Call your discount broker now. The stock symbol is NECA. Lithium is the real deal, it’s the future of energy in America.

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