Greetings Fellow Investor,

What I’m about to tell you is shocking, but 100% true…

Did you know that right now, over 1.1 Billion people on our planet to not have access to clean, or even safe drinking water? It’s a fact.

And when a problem like this effects over 1/6 of our world’s population, you can bet some of sciences greatest minds will be searching for an answer…

Well, I’m here to tell you, Lifetech’s (LTCH) AirWell water system may very well be the solution we’ve been looking for!

This amazing innovation takes dirty, polluted air – from even some of the most arid environments – puts it through an unprecedented 12 step filtration system to produce, what some are calling “perfect water”.

I’ll get to why they call it “perfect water” in a few moments…

Instead, for now, I’d rather focus on how much money we could make as LTCH targets up to 2% of their massive $400 Billion and growing industry!

Lifetech’s AirWell water system is a game changer – and like all transformative inventions – it’s giving early investors an unbelievable profit opportunity as LTCH could be well on their way to becoming a Billion dollar powerhouse!

Companies offering “cleaner” solutions are in demand as the world’s focus shifts towards healthier alternatives – and like Cooper Industries before it – LTCH could be the next “clean” company to offer you 1,378% gains!

Hi, I’m Eric Dickson and, as editor of Breakaway Stocks, it’s my job to find the next “big thing” in the world of undiscovered stocks…

And I fully believe that LTCH could very well be one of the biggest movers we see in a very long time!

I mean think about it…

This company could single-handedly solve the world’s clean drinking water shortage (and make us Millionaires in the process)!

Especially with countries in Africa and the Middle East following China’s lead and signing on with LTCH – the road to those 1,378% profits is more than paved, it may have just been made SHORTER!

And it all started with one man’s quest to bring clean drinking water to the world…

Dr. Hanya Toshio’s Quest For “Perfect Water”
Could Lead Us To HUGE Profits!

If there is one thing you should know about renowned scientist, Dr.Hanya Toshio, other than his brilliance in the field of filtration…

Is the fact that this man’s empathy and caring for those less fortunate than he is, drives his research – and it led to the creation of Liftech’s AirWell water system.

You see, on one of his trips, he couldn’t help but notice the lack of clean drinking water for many indigenous people…

This observation compelled him to go back to his laboratory at Osaka University and begin work on what would become Lifetech’s AirWell water system.

Dr.Toshio worked feverishly on the AirWell, implementing a 12-step filtration process (overkill in some experts’ books) that first filters air BEFORE converting it to clean, and as I said earlier, “perfect” water.

The advanced Biosol filter eliminates more than just pollutants in the air…

But it also eradicates viruses and bacteria like E.Coli, H1N1 and Norovirus!

This have NEVER been done to the extent as to which Dr. Toshio’s been able to do…

And only Liftech (LTCH) is bringing this amazing, life-giving innovation to market!

Dr. Toshio’s contribution to humanity could very well change the world, ensuring that those 1.1 Billion water-starved people never go thirsty again.

Do you realize the impact this would not only make on society, but on the world of business as well?

The world water industry is gigantic – clocking in at $400 Billion – but it’s about to get even bigger, as the industry is projected to explode 250% by 2020 to an astonishing $1 TRILLION!

And LTCH could very well be responsible for a huge chunk of that growth!

The best part?

You can be there as they become the Billion dollar superstar I believe they can be – just by giving your broker or online trading service Liftech’s ticker symbol.

Consider LTCH today!

How LTCH’s “Perfect” Water Could
Put $$$ In Your Pocket

We’ve already talked about how the world water industry is a staggering $400 Billion business that’s on it’s way to becoming a $1 Trillion mega-industry…

But we haven’t really talked about how their potential success would put money in your pocket.

Well, it comes down to two words:


As editor of Breakaway Stocks, I see – quite LITERALLY – thousands of companies come across my desk every year. Some are winners, some are losers and some are somewhere in between…

But I can say this without a shadow of a doubt – LTCH has more potential for EXPLOSIVE GROWTH than 98% of the companies I’ve tracked in over a year!

Understand this, LTCH could very well end the world’s clean drinking water shortage as their patented AirWell water system goes global!

They’re already in talks to sign distribution deals with countries like Saudi Arabia, Ghana, Sudan,Vietnam, Hong Kong, Nigeria and the Philippines…

So the ball is already rolling…

But the fact that you’re among the first to know puts YOU in the driver’s seat!

And it’s not like Wall Street’s asleep at the wheel on this one – it’s more due to the fact that shares in undiscovered LTCH are trading at just around $0.85 – allowing them to fly under the mainstream’s radar!

But mark my words…

Innovations like the AirWell don’t stay a secret for long, that’s why I can’t urge you strong enough – consider grabbing shares of LTCH today!

Does the “AirWell” Spell The
End Of Bottled Water As We Know It?

You know, 30 years ago, if you would have told me that we’d all be drinking water out of little plastic bottles, I’d have told you to go get your head examined…

But here we are in the 21st Century, a time where bottled water seems to be the preferred method of H2O consumption for most of theWesternWorld.

The only question is…


Why do we reach for a little plastic bottle when there’s perfectly drinkable water that comes from a tap?

Is it convenience?

Sure, it may be a tad bit easier to grab a sealed bottle of water on the go, but really, it’s not much harder to fill up a cup or reusable water bottle to bring with you. So that can’t be the reason…

It’s definitely not price, as the it’s a LOT cheaper to drink the water from your tap than it is for you to buy bottled water…even on a “2 for 1” sale.

The only plausible reason it could be is that bottled water tends to be filtered better than water from the tap – eliminating a lot of the harmful chemicals that you can get from an ordinary faucet. I can buy a health conscience decision…

But from many public reports, bottled water isn’t that much healthier than water from the tap!

So what is it exactly?

I’ll take an educated guess and say it’s probably a combination of convenience and healthiness – leaning more towards the healthy side.

Well, LTCH could put an end to that debate as the water their AirWell water systems produce is as close to perfect as water can be.

Not only is it as pure as any water ever created, it’s perfectly balanced with the right amount of nutrients and minerals – while at the same time – free of any containments that even theMOST filtered bottled water systems miss…

Meaning LTCH could spell the end to less filtered,more expensive and lower quality bottled water as we know it, as the water that comes from the AirWell is superior in EVERY way!

Think about it…when given the choice between “perfect” water and inferior water that comes in a bottle – that choice is a no brainer. And it’s exactly why the AirWell could very well grab a HUGE chunk of bottled water’s share of their industry…

And by becoming the biggest name in the projected Trillion dollar industry…the market isWIDE open for LTCH!

Are you starting to see why I’m getting excited about the profits we could make from just this one trade?

LTCH: A Company Even The Most
Hardened Investor Can Get Behind

If there is one single aspect of trading that drives Wall Street sharks to decide whether to buy or not buy a stock – it would be profit.

Profit is what wakes these people up in the morning…

They don’t care about what the company actually does, they don’t get emotionally involved with it – they just care about how much money they’re going to make.

For instance…

These people don’t care that Lifetech’s AirWell could bring safe and clean drinking water to 1.1 Billion impoverished and undernourished people…

Nor would they care that LTCH is working on a program that provides FREE AirWells to these same water-starved people.

Humanitarianism isn’t their focus…

Money is.

And if there is one thing that LTCH could deliver in spades – it’s money.

By getting signed distribution deals with several countries on multiple continents, LTCH could be proving that people not only WANT this product…

But they’re willing to shell out MILLIONS to get it! They’re chomping at the bit for the AirWell because they know that this innovation could change the world – and they would like to profit as well!

So when I say LTCH can deliver “cleaner”profits in spades, I’m saying that they can hit 1,378% returns to early investors, just like Cooper Industries (CBE), who over the years, returned early investors those same HUGE gains by providing cleaner and more efficient energy!

It’s really not hard to see how Wall Street’s Elite could see LTCH’s profit potential the moment the ticker comes across their desk.

A quality company, an innovative idea and HUGE demand could make LTCH an easy buy in their book…

But it’s one thing to talk the talk, it’s another to walk the walk. If you want to get in on the ground floor of this potential skyrocket…

The time is NOW!

Because the moment you see their name on Mad Money or in the Wall Street Journal – it’ll be too late!

“Perfect” Water for EVERYBODY!

We’ve spoken at length about how LTCH could bring their “perfect” water to the 1.1 Billion people that have NO access to clean drinking water…

But we haven’t really talked about the domestic possibilities for the AirWell.

You see, as instrumental as the AirWell can be to ending the world’s thirst…

This incredible innovation isn’t just for remote areas – the AirWell can be installed in any home or office – providing you, your family or your coworkers with the cleanest, most pure drinking water man has ever seen.

Remember how we talked about “perfect” water giving bottled water a run for its money?

Well, when homes, businesses, schools, etc begin installing the AirWell as their source of clean drinking water…

Bottled water might be served its walking papers, as this very inexpensive water system has a very good shot at shutting that whole operation down!

And much like the same way the “Aspirin” brand became synonymous with pain relief…

What do you think would happen to shares of LTCH when Lifetech becomes synonymous with clean, fresh and healthy drinking water?

I’ll tell you what would happen, those 1,378% profits we’ve been talking about may just be a drop in the bucket…

And you’re getting first crack at those titan-sized gains!

In fact, if you’re still reading this, put it down – NOW! And consider calling your broker or logging in to your online trading account and grabbing as many shares as you can comfortably afford…

Because with at least a potential 1,378% on the line – can you really afford not to?

Why You Need To Act On LTCH Today!

Ask any seasoned investor which aspect of trading is most crucial to profiting big, and I’m sure that most, if not all would give you the same answer…


The difference between making a few bucks and making a KILLING in the stock market comes down to when you decide to get in.

Hesitating just a few minutes means you could lose your spot in line, and miss out on those really big profits, especially in today’s world of online trading.

Stocks move faster than ever…

And that’s no truer than when companies like LTCH come along with all the right pieces in play to give early investors a real chance at HUMONGOUS profits!

There’s no doubt that the AirWell could change the world…

That’s why I’m convinced this stock won’t stay hidden for long. As soon as this news hits the Street, we could see a buying frenzy of epic proportions.

That’s why you can’t wait on this one.

Do yourself a favor, just look up LTCH. If it’s trading under $3 – there’s still time for you to potentially build a fortune…

But if you’re still not as convinced as I am, there one more reason LTCH could be destined to return you a windfall…

Patents, Patents, Patents! Yet One
More Way To Profit From LTCH


We all have an idea as to what they are, but the truth is, there’s a LOT more to patenting an innovation than just protecting you intellectual property.

In fact, there’s a bigger, more profitable reason smart companies get patents…

And that reason is licensing.

Owning patents allows companies to license their innovation to outside manufacturers to produce and sell part of whole of their product – but do so at a hefty price.

Why would a company want to pay for the right to manufacture somebody else’s products? That answer is simple…


To these outside companies, it’s completely worth paying licensing fees for the simple fact that they know they can sell the products they produce for a nice profit – and many times those profits are enough to make those licensing fees look like chump change!

LTCH owns patents on certain processes and devices in their AirWell water system that could have outside manufacturers lining up, jumping at the chance to sign a deal…

I mean think about it, the AirWell is a more than a game changer, this thing could transform the way we look at water (and drink it) forever!

Who wouldn’t want a chance to produce pieces or ALL of the innovation that seems destined to go down in history as the machine that ensures people may never go thirsty again?

Because that’s EXACTLY what they’d be doing by signing on with LTCH…

These outside companies would know they’d be signing on to something that’s bigger than just another clever invention – they’d be signing on with a company that could very well change our world.

These licensing agreements are just one more way that LTCH could rake in big revenues – revenues that could significantly increase the value of the shares we can buy today for just pennies on the dollar!

Our time to profit is NOW!

If You Make Only One Trade This Year – I Urge You –
Consider Making That One Trade LTCH!

By transforming dirty, polluted air into clean, fresh, and healthy “perfect”water – LTCH’s AirWell water system could ensure that the planet never goes thirsty again!

This fact alone could send their shares into the stratosphere!

Very rarely do companies come along that have the potential to change the world – but Lifetech does. Their patented AirWell can not only produce “perfect”water – it can do so in the driest environments inhabited by man.

Is it really that hard to see how LTCH is on target to return early investors 1,378% gains?

Again, if you haven’t already done so, please, put this down and consider phoning your broker or logging in to your online trading account right now and grab as many shares of LTCH as you can comfortably afford…

It could be the best move you ever make to ensure your financial future!

1,378% gains could be yours if you act today!

Don’t wait…

Consider LTCH before it’s too late!

To Your FutureWealth,

Eric Dickson
Breakaway Stocks

P.S. By ensuring that the world may never go thirsty again, LTCH and their amazing AirWell water systems could be the next big mover of the year. The smart investor follows the money – and we could be about to see an influx of cash headed LTCH way. Be there first and you could lock in your chance at 1,378% gains!

PPS. LTCH’s massive $400 Billion industry is projected to explode 250% by 2020, turning it into a $1 TRILLION mega-industry! LTCH could be one of the biggest factors for this EXPLOSIVE GROWTH. If you want to be there to profit – don’t delay! Consider grabbing shares in LTCH today. Don’t’wait till you read about them in theWall Street Journal – act on LTCHtoday!


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