Dear Fellow Investor,

What you’re about to hear may sound like science fiction, but the fact that hydrogen fuel cells are quickly becoming the preferred source of energy to power everything from Smartphones to space vehicles – is 100% science fact!

You’d be surprised by some of the companies that are turning towards hydrogen…

NASA uses it for everything from powering spacecraft to heating up the water on the Space Station while Apple (yes the Apple) has just submitted to patent applications for hydrogen fuel cell designs for the rechargeable batteries.

While it’s no surprise that NASA has been using hydrogen for years now, the fact that Apple, one of the biggest companies in the world, is now turning towards this clean and easily rechargeable fuel - marks that hydrogen has truly arrived…

And arrived in a big way! But this is just the beginning…

As soon as the automotive industry goes full throttle on hydrogen, there will be no turning back, and the fact that FCEV (Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle) is able to create electricity from hydrogen and oxygen for the air could be the one thing makes traditional fossil fuels like oil or coal obsolete!

From $150 Billion To $1 TRILLION – How A Shift Towards Hydrogen Could Spell The End Of Oil’s Global Dominance!

How do you transform a $150 Billion market into a $1 TRILLION juggernaut? Easy. Shift the global consumption of pollution producing carbon-burning fuels towards the clean use of hydrogen as fuel.

This should be easy, seeing as the U.S. Department of Energy says that hydrogen fuel has the potential to “dramatically reduce reliance on fossil fuels and automobile manufacturers are aggressively trying to develop vehicles that run on hydrogen fuel cells, because unlike gas-powered engines that spew out pollutants, the only byproduct of hydrogen fuel is water.”

Yes, you read that right, the only by product of hydrogen fuel is water…

But while pushing the world towards hydrogen fuel should be an easy sell, experts say that it may be a few years before it reaches the level of global acceptance – however, the process is already underway – and a big reason why investors who act now are getting a huge head start on the competition.

Virginia Tech engineering professor Y.H. Percival Zhang says, “The potential for profit and environmental benefits are why so many automobile, oil, and energy companies are working on hydrogen fuel cell vehicles as the transportation of the future. Many people believe we will enter the hydrogen economy soon, with a market capacity of at least $1 trillion in the United States alone.

Read the last part of that quote again…

He says the hydrogen economy could hit $1 Trillion “in the United States alone”!!!

That’s big…

What’s bigger is AMZZ could be the company leading that charge! They’ve got all the right pieces in play to become THE major player in the hydrogen game – especially as their patent-pending manufacturing process makes hydrogen production a one step process (a vast improvement on the previous methods)!

And you’re getting the first crack at this undiscovered company as they make their bid to become one of the biggest producers of hydrogen in the world!

Do yourself a favor…

Call your broker or login to your online trading account and consider buying AMZZ today – this isn’t the kind of stock you want to wait on – this is one of those profit opportunities that come along once in a lifetime!

The Birth Of An Industry – What It Means For Investors To Be On Board Before Word One Reaches The Street

Rockefeller, Carnegie, Morgan, Flagler…

There’s a reason we know these names and why they conjure up thoughts like: wealth, “old money”, industrialists, prestige, etc. – and that’s because these men had the foresight to act when they were presented with the opportunity to create their own fortunes.

The names have become synonymous with business, success and money because they all helped create industries that are still hard at work today.

Very rarely are investors like us offered the chance to be on the ground floor of a potentially profitable company, let alone a company that’s poised to lead an industry from obscurity to the main stream – and making us extremely wealthy in the process…

But that’s exactly the kind of chance we’re getting when buying shares of AMZZ.

This company is a trailblazer in an industry that’s so young, there’s barely any kind of competition!

Does AMZZ have what it takes become the Standard Oil or US Steel of the hydrogen market? All signs point to “yes”, and very well could.

Their pending patents already prove that they’ve got their eye on the target, they know that hydrogen production is ramping up, and where better to be than the driver’s seat? Their technology takes hydrogen production from a multi-step process down to one!

No other company I've found can say that…

But AMZZ can, and their poised to be a major player after just arriving on the scene!

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Why 1,631% Profits May Just Be A Drop In The Bucket!

Earlier, I mentioned how investors who act fast could be eyeing 1,631% profits by buying shares of AMZZ, but the fact is, that could be just peanuts compared to what this stock could return.

Remember, their patent pending technology breaks hydrogen production down to just a one step process and with that being the case, it means that they can produce these cells faster than their competition – which we also talked about as being very little in this brand new industry.

Well, that’s not exactly accurate, as there are quite a few companies looking to make a quick buck in the coming hydrogen surge…

But very few have the means or know how to become a worldwide supplier of this next generation fuel.

Most are penny stocks that are clinging to the idea that they can make it big when the hydrogen wave hits, but the truth is, most are hardly touched by mainstream investors, let alone traded on a daily basis…

There are a few who could give AMZZ a run for their money – and the reason why we could see a quadruple digit return from this undiscovered stock.

But even if AMZZ does just half of what the smallest of these companies can do, we’re still looking at a 300% gain! That’s a healthy profit for even the most seasoned of investors..

If you could quickly turn $5,000 into $15,000 some other way, please make it publicly known, as I’m sure we’d all like to get on board!

However, that’s a conservative estimate…

There’s no reason that AMZZ couldn’t match HYGS share price for an amazing 1,631% gain – that means every $5,000 invested transforms into an astounding $81,550 – in an industry that’s just now starting to get some legs beneath it!

Incredible, I know, but there’s another way that AMZZ could make you rich…

It’s one of the fastest ways investors like us grab fast fortunes from small companies – and it could be happening as we speak!

Buyout Alert! If A Fast Paced Bidding War Breaks Out Over AMZZ, It’s Early Investors Who Win Big!

Even the greenest of investors have heard all about the buyout and how this event has been known to build fortunes for those lucky enough to get in early enough on a buyout prospect.

Does AMZZ fit profile of a prime buyout target?

Yes. In fact, AMZZ could be one of the hottest buyout prospects we’ve seen come around this year – maybe even in the past 5 years! Why? One simple word…


We’ve already talked about how AMZZ’s pending patents on simplifying the hydrogen production process down to just one step and how big this can be for the industry…

What we didn’t talk about was how much companies like ADP, HYGS and QTWW might want this technology for themselves!

The holder of this patent would surely be placed at the front of the pack while everybody else may find themselves in the rear view mirror.

If they want it, the only way they’ll get control of this pending patent is to either buy it outright from AMZZ (a process that can take years) or they can take the shorter route and just buy the company outright!

This may be the more profitable proposal…

And if you don’t think that these three companies couldn't already be eyeing AMZZ, you’d be sorely mistaken. In fact, these companies could already be circling AMZZ as we speak!

And if a bidding war breaks out, that 1,631% profit we were eyeing before, might be chump change when all is said and done.

It’s happened before, and it could happen again!

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Neverending Profits! How Patents Ensure Companies
Continue To Rake In The Dough!

One of the biggest reasons to patent an idea, other than ensuring others can’t profit from your innovation, is the fact that as the patent holder, you can license the production of your innovation to outside companies at a profit!

These companies would pay for the right to use or produce the innovation patented so they can grab a piece of the pie for themselves. Signed licensing agreements is practically all profit – as it costs the company nothing to produce – and get a share of the sales and or a hefty fee for use of their technology.

It’s a perfect set up for AMZZ…

They can license out their one-step process to companies like HYGS or APD – without having to sell out to them – while continuing to sell the hydrogen they create with the process.

It’s really a win/win situation for all involved…

And it’s just one more reason why grabbing shares of AMZZ now is a smart move.

With the ability to give investors the chance at 1,631% gains – and maybe MORE – AMZZ is giving us the very real chance to walk away from the table when we want to and cash out rich!

But if you want to lock in your chance at those gigantic profits, there’s one thing you CAN’T do…

Don’t Wait! Grab Shares Of AMZZ Today To
Ensure Your Chance At 1,631% Profits!

AMZZ is perfectly positioned to become a major player in what’s already projected to be a $1 Trillion industry! Their pending patents ensure one of three things can happen…

Either way, investors who act now are being given a very real chance to profit huge! No matter which of these pathways AMZZ takes, you could be looking at your best chance to secure a fortune from the coming hydrogen surge!

Don’t sit on the sidelines for this one! When you read about Amazonica in the Wall Street Journal, it’ll be too late! Do yourself a favor…

Act NOW!

Consider calling your broker or logging in to your online trading account now and grab as many shares of AMZZ as you can comfortably afford!

To Your Future Wealth,

Tim Fields
Editor, Untapped Wealth

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