Greetings Fellow Investor,

Very few people realize that Michigan is becoming one of the U.S.’s most talked about energy producing states the mainland has seen in a long time...

Though literally surrounded by wells drilled by majors, American Energy Development (AEDC) has claimed a prized spot over an oil and gas discovery that the USGS reports to having over 1.8 Billion barrels of oil and more than 17 Trillion cubic feet of natural gas.

This makes AEDC’s massive 5,543 acre holding in Michigan’s proven oil belt one of the most prolific oil plays of the 21st century! Here, let me show you the map that proves that AEDC’s proven 8 million barrel Dansville project is dead center in the middle of this energy bonanza...

You see?

And amazingly, Wall Street hasn’t caught wind of them yet - as they’re hidden in plain sight - but with their latest well being proven to hold 8 Million barrels of oil - their next well could grab headlines, as new 3D seismic imagery shows them exactly where to drill with 80% accuracy!

Can you imagine, with 8 wells online and each pumping 8 Million barrels of oil, we could be looking at 64 Million barrels of oil - or $6.4 Billion at current oil prices? Amazing...

And because they’ve been, up till this very moment, invisible to Wall Street, main stream investors are totally oblivious to this incredible oil deposit! But that won’t be the case for long...

Because as I just revealed, new 3D seismic imagery may make Michigan’s oil and gas zone the most important domestic energy discovery in recent American History - AEDC could find themselves in the very enviable position of “Jr. Resource gone Major.”

Investors who took advantage of advanced knowledge on Atlas watched their shares explode! Some cashing out Millionaires...

And AEDC is giving us the chance to do it again!

But there’s a lot more to the AEDC story, like a potential 615 Million barrel play in the UK that could send this stock through the roof!

Hi, I’m Eric Dickson, editor of Breakaway Stocks, and in all my years of analyzing winning picks, I must admit, it’s rare to come across a tiny company with such incredible profit potential - but I’m going to state this as boldly as I can...

I expect American Energy Development Corp. (AEDC) to be one of those special companies that create true wealth!

And I’m sure that once you see the proof I’m about to show you, you’ll agree that just like Atlas Energy, AEDC could create Millionaires!

American Oil’s “Little Venezuela”


That’s the only word that can describe the world’s reaction to OPEC’s announcement of Venezuela vaulting over Saudi Arabia as the planet’s top oil country - with proven oil reserves coming in at just over 296 Billion barrels of oil!

This will surely go down in the history books as one of the biggest coups the oil community has ever seen...

But how did Venezuela’s oil reserves jump 40.4% in one year? Did they find a new zone? No, they didn’t find new oil...

You see, in previous years, those 40.4% reserves were considered worthless as they were categorized as ultra heavy oil - but new technology is making it easier (and cheaper) to refine this ultra heavy oil - forcing OPEC to include this once ignored reserve in Venezuela’s overall review.

I bet you’re wondering how this ties into Michigan and AEDC...

Well, the reason I bring this up is because just a few short years ago, many wrote off Michigan oil, much like OPEC wrote off Venezuela’s ultra heavy crude.

This belief that the oil in Michigan’s Niagaran Reef was a lost cause (at least for the time being) - had many doubting there was any money to be made in American oil - but new 3D seismic imagery proves this discovery is far from seeing it’s last legs.

In fact, this zone just received a life extension to the tune of 1.8 Billion barrels of oil and 17 Trillion cubic feet of natural gas - and AEDC already has one 8 Million barrel well with huge expansive plays on the horizon!

Now sure, this pales in comparison to Venezuela’s 296 Billion barrels of oil - however we’re talking just one small area in Michigan - not an entire country.

It’s a game changer, no doubt...

And AEDC find themselves in the middle of all the action - surrounded by wells drilled by majors - which is why I can’t urge you enough to consider grabbing shares in AEDC today...

Because it might not take long for this “lost discovery” to make the front page of the Wall Street Journal.

“Why you should consider acting on AEDC... NOW!”

If there is one aspect of trading that separates the average investor from Wall Street’s “finest” it’s timing.

Timing is the single most important factor to making a killing in the stock market - a real life example of “the early bird gets the worm” - and no other sector proves this better than oil and gas.

The industry as a whole is chock full of companies that were once tiny undiscovered Jr. Resource plays that made it big - earning a place among the major players.

But it all comes down to timing...

And I fully believe that AEDC is right on the edge of a monumental shift in profits. But even if their name is never spoken by John Q Public, they still have the very real potential of making you rich.

Because get this, they don’t have to be a major player to churn out profits...

There are plenty of companies that have shot up huge - regardless of their status as a “Jr. Resource”. I’ve already mentioned how Atlas Energy was bought by Chevron for $3.2 Billion, but here are a few other examples of how undiscovered oil companies can make you rich!

These stocks made investors like us rich in a very short amount of time...

And AEDC could easily do the same!

The road to these titan-sized 2,211% potential profits begins in Michigan for AEDC, in what could be the oil and gas industry’s best kept secret.

Why Those That Know Oil & Gas Have
AEDC Locked In Their Sights

There’s a very good reason why major investors put their money into oil and gas plays time and time again...

It’s because they keep getting richer from them! It’s not rocket science...

But since the creation of the industry, oil has a proven track record of creating true wealth - and we don’t even have to mention names of the families who are still living off the fortunes their fore fathers made to prove this point.

But where did the American oil barons strike it rich?

Texas, Oklahoma, Alaska - but Michigan?

Yes, Michigan...

And the reason that seasoned oil and gas investors might be so inclined to move money out of those traditional oil producing states and into Michigan is simple...

These people follow the majors.

Earlier I mentioned that AEDC’s Dansville property is surrounded by wells drilled by Chevron, Exxon Mobil, BP and Marathon among others - but what I didn’t talk about was why they were there.

You see, major petroleum companies aren’t steered by whimsy - money drives everything they do, they don’t waste time or effort anywhere they can’t take profits from - and the fact that they’ve been circling Michigan’s Niagaran Reefs isn’t an accident.

Their presence in the area is well calculated for one simple reason...

They smell oil - and oil means money to them - and investors!

And with the amount of majors that have peppered this hot oil zone, it’s easy to see why I expect the price of American Energy Dev. to shoot through the stratosphere!

You see, what sets this stock apart, is that it is already proven as well as undervalued, and you’re getting the chance to be there first and get first crack at those potential 2,211% profits!

Drilling For $$$ In Britain:
Michigan Not The Only
Poker in AEDC’s Fire

Though we’ve talked extensively about AEDC’s huge oil and gas play in Michigan - I’ve barely mentioned their other project that’s a huge part of this Junior’s potential profit prospects...

Nestled in the hills in Southern England, AEDC has acquired a huge 24,700 acre land holding in a vaunted oil zone.

Located amongst sizeable UK on shore fields such as BP’s 500 Million barrel Wytch farm oil field, Europe’s largest on shore oil and gas field - this prospect is located between that and the 30 Billion Barrel fields in the North Sea which is occupied by Exxon Mobil, Royal Dutch Shell, BP and the BG Group.

For years, these majors have been content drilling in the North Sea, and getting rich from their efforts, but it’s getting more expensive to drill in those deep waters...

Forcing many to abandon their ocean efforts and move in land (closer to AEDC) where drilling is not only easier, but cheaper as well.

Already, AEDC’s Windsor Prospect is starting to be surrounded by many of the same majors as their Michigan project - giving them a head start over them in this potential 615 Million barrel of oil play!

It’s rare to find a company that can give two seismic imagery proven area plays in two different countries, let alone two different continents - but AEDC is! And we could easily watch shares explode 2,211% - practically overnight!

Especially if an aggressive, high-priced bidding war begins...

But you can’t be sitting on the sidelines, because when area plays like this happen, they happen fast! And the profits to be made are obscene!

Don’t wait on AEDC. Stop now and put the ticker symbol AEDC into your trading account, if it’s less than $4 - it’s still a strong buy candidate!

If American Energy Dev Is
Bought By A Major - You Reap The Rewards!

There is a huge perk to AEDC sharing property explored by giant oil companies like Chevron, Exxon Mobil, BP, Marathon and more on two different continents...

And it’s the fact that they’re instantly on the radar of these petroleum power houses.

The question is: which one of these companies would strike on AEDC first? We’ve already talked about how lucrative area plays in Michigan can be, like 2,211% profits on Atlas Energy...

But let’s talk scenarios.

Let’s say that AEDC’s next wells produce real gushers - and there’s 80% accurate 3D seismic imagery that says they will - who do you think is going to hear about this news first?

Of course, AEDC’s management would get the first reports - and we’re talking a management team with over 95 years of combined experience working with and for companies like Shell, Mobil, Amoco and Chevron among others...

But after that, how fast do you think word will spread among the rough necks working the area?

I’ll tell you, it’ll spread like wild fire...

And it won’t take long till the management of Chevron, Exxon Mobil, BP or Marathon hear about it - and I’m betting it wouldn’t be long after that till one of these giant companies decides they want AEDC’s oil field for themselves.

And if not the giants of the industry, what about the smaller companies that could grab AEDC as well?

$16 Billion Continental Resources (CLR) is always on the lookout for new prospects - and AEDC is priced perfectly for this company to swoop in and steal them from right under the majors noses.

But how long do you think it’ll take for word of AEDCs next 8 million barrel producing well to spread? A week? Two? A month?

It really doesn’t matter, I mean either way, there’s a windfall to be made from any one of these companies that buy them out.

What matters is AEDC is not alone in Michigan, and with the amount of acreage proven by the majors that have blanketed the area, both now and in the past, it could just be a matter of time till one of these companies wanted to make an offer - potentially setting off a bidding war that could immediately send shares of AEDC through the roof!

It’s not an unreal scenario...the oil landscape is littered with such stories, but if it does happen, we have the very real chance at becoming Millionaires, literally overnight!

But you have to be there now if you expect to benefit. Don’t sit this one out! Consider grabbing shares of AEDC today.

American Energy Development:
The Right Oil Play At The Right Time

It’s really no surprise that that the word “oil” is on the lips and minds of many of the world’s leaders lately...

And it all comes down to consumption.

The world economy is gobbling up oil at break neck speeds as global demand is being pushed to all time record highs on an almost daily basis - especially here in America.

The extended war in the Middle East...

Emerging markets like China, India and Brazil demanding more oil...

Trading sanctions being levied...

It’s really no wonder why oil, or even “peak oil” is being talked about at water coolers around the world...

But the truth is, the US is still the biggest oil consuming country on the planet - as we guzzle over 18 Million barrels of oil - per day!

Meaning that on a daily basis, we outpace oil consumption of China, Japan, Brazil and India...combined!

Now, take into account that our oil consumption also outpaces new oil discoveries by roughly 4 to 1, and we’re looking at a future where oil alternatives aren’t just a luxury, but a necessity.

That’s what makes AEDC’s Michigan rediscovery so important...

America needs all the energy it can get its hands on if we’re going to reach our goal of independence from middle Eastern crude - and 1.8 Billion barrels of oil and 17 Trillion cubic feet of natural gas - is nothing to shake a stick at.

Especially with oil hovering around $100 a barrel...

AEDC’s strategic position in Michigan’s revitalized hot oil zone, is just the thing this country - and investors like you and me need - a sweet, domestic oil play that geopolitics can’t touch.

Couple that with the potential 615 Million barrel play in the land of our UK allies, and we could very well be on our way!

And by giving us a chance at 2,211% profits, we could walk away from this one trade incredibly wealthy...

I mean think about it, just a meager $5,000 investment could return you a windfall of $110,550!

Sounds crazy, I know, but AEDC has all the right pieces in play to make this possibility a reality - and you’re getting all the details first!

What Makes AEDC “A Can’t Miss”

I realize that for most of our time together, I’ve concentrated heavily on the possibilities that AEDC’s play on oil in both Michigan and the UK is presenting us with..

But I’ve barely talked about how the 17 Trillion cubic feet of gas plays into the profit equation.

Yes, you heard me right - I said 17 Trillion cubic feet!

Let me tell you now, this is huge - so huge in fact, that it could be almost two and a half times more lucrative than all of the oil in the region.

But here’s the catch...

Even with limited competition in the area, AEDC is not capable of capturing even a quarter of the natural gas in the area - in fact, entertaining that thought would just be ludicrous...

But 1%?


That’s a definite possibility.

For investors, that means that if 1% is all the natural gas that AEDC is able to recover, they’re eyeing a $465 Billion wind fall!

An incredible amount to be sure, but it’s a big reason why some of my secret sources see a potential 2,211% gain in AEDC’s (and by proxy, their investors) immediate future.

But there’s more...

“I’m calling it now: AEDC could be
my next huge winner!”

I really don’t need to say this, but I will anyway...

No one has ever made a buck off junior oil and gas stocks by sitting on the sidelines.

People who got in early on Strata walked away rich, possibly as Millionaires, and I have every reason to believe we’ll see the same thing happen with AEDC.

This undiscovered company is in a prime position to profit from an epic oil rediscovery from Michigan’s Niagaran Reef reserves.

The money this company can make from their share of 1.8 Billion barrels of oil and 17 Trillion cubic feet of natural gas is obscene...

And those profits would be shared among those bold enough to act decisively today!

By locking in your spot with AEDC, you’re protecting your position to grab those potential 2,211% profits from an AEDC upward surge.

Are you ready to make more money on one trade than you would all year?

I know I am...

And AEDC could hold the key to untold wealth!

Do yourself a favor and consider grabbing as many shares of AEDC as you can comfortably afford today...

You’ll be glad you did!

To Your Future Wealth,

Eric Dickson
Breakaway Stocks

PS. Sitting on top of 1.8 Billion barrels of oil and 17 Trillion cubic feet of natural gas, puts American Energy Dev (AEDC) in the thick of the action in what some are calling “America’s Little Venezuela”. There latest well is field proven to hold 8 Million barrels of oil, and by taking advantage of their property in Dansville, Michigan, AEDC is setting themselves (and investors like you and me) up for success. By acting today, you could be there to profit first. Good luck!

PPS. Being surrounded by wells drilled by majors like Chevron, Exxon Mobil, BP, Marathon and more means that Jr. Resource AEDC could be gobbled up by one of these giant companies. If this plays out like I believe it will, we could become Millionaires overnight as AEDC is taken into the fold. But you have to be there now if you want a piece of those profits - don’t wait, consider acting on AEDC now!

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